april STudents of the Month

6th Grade Nidhi Bhakta

Nidhi is an exceptional student, always three steps ahead of the game, goes above and beyond to help others, and strives to do her very best academically!! So proud of her!

- 6th Grader Nidhi Bhakta

7th Grade-Colin Stueber

Colin is truly a standout student in the classroom. His kindness, thoughtfulness, and respectfulness towards his peers and teachers create a positive and supportive atmosphere in the classroom.

- 7th Grader Colin Stueber

8th Grade- Maura Krause

Maura consistently goes above and beyond with exceptional effort. Maura's responsible demeanor and caring nature make her a standout individual. With her kindness, intelligence, and hard work, she brightens our classroom and sets a positive example for her peers.

- 8th Grader Maura Krause

9th Grade- Emmett Nelson

Emmett brings a genuine eagerness to learn and explore new concepts, enriching our classroom environment with his positive attitude and helpful nature. Emmett's willingness to assist others makes him a valued member of our class.

- 9th Grader Emmett Nelson

10th Grade- Jaylynn Miranda

Jaylynn's caring nature and empathy towards her peers create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment. Her dedication to both her studies and the well-being of others make her a true asset to our class.

- 10th Grader Jaylynn Miranda

11th Grade- Owen Lawrence

Owen is such a great kid! He is hardworking, respectful, has a positive attitude, takes initiative and is dedicated to academic improvement. I am very proud of the work Owen does in the classroom and who he is as a person!

- 11th Grader Owen Lawrence

12th Grade- Ben Sullivan

Ben's kindness and willingness to lend a helping hand are truly admirable. He consistently displays a warm and friendly demeanor, brightening the days of those around him with his smile and personality!

- 12th Grader Ben Sullivan