February STudents of the Month

6th Grade  Payton Fahey

Payton embodies dedication and excellence in school. She is a great listener, she's respectful, and she consistently demonstrates a drive for learning and improving at LSH. Payton's kind personality and caring heart makes her a role model for others.

- 6th Grader Payton Fahey

7th Grade-Carter Wagner

Carter is an excellent student who is always willing to help others learn. He is very knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. He works hard and diligently to complete tasks in a timely manner. He is helpful to others and participates in class.

- 7th Grader Carter Wagner

8th Grade- Amelia Miller

Amelia is awesome at working together with her classmates. She is always very helpful to other people who need it. Amelia always has a smile on her face and is overall a great student!

- 8th Grader Amelia Miller

9th Grade-Jackson Forcier

Jackson is a fun kid to have around. He is hardworking and kind and always willing to help. Jackson is super determined in class to make sure he understands his work and gets it done! He is respectful, a good team player and a great advocate for himself.

- 9th Grader Jackson Forcier

10th Grade- Jack Miller

Jack has exceptional work ethic, a competitive spirit, and always strives for high-quality work. His commitment to his studies is evident through his work habits and timely completion of assignments. His demeanor adds to the overall positive atmosphere of the classroom.

- 10th Grader Jack Miller

11th Grade- Porter Simonette

Porter works very hard in class and asks questions whenever possible. He has a passion for learning & finishes his assignments with high quality. Porter is not just good at school work, but his excitement for learning makes the whole class more interesting.

- 11th Grader Porter Simonette

12th Grade- Jazmin Mercado

Jazmin is great to have in class. She is a hard worker and likes to participate in class activities. Jazmin is respectful and always has a smile on her face.

- 12th Grader Jazmin Mercado