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20 Career Readiness
Grades 10-12 `
Required 1/2 credit

Students will determine personal interests, aptitudes and abilities. They will establish a career action plan, including selecting a program that meets a career or vocational preparation goal. Students will investigate careers through research, interviews, and job shadowing. Training options for various careers will also be explored. Students will learn how to properly complete employment applications, write cover letters and resumes. Professional interviewing techniques, attire and follow up letters will be done.

27 Computer/Keyboarding Skills
Grades 9-12
Required 1/2 credit
Recommend taking in 9th or 10th grade if possible.

This course will help a student develop the keyboarding and computer skills necessary to be able to keyboard written material. It will help students with all of their courses in LSH, and is a prerequisite for some of the business classes taken in 10-12 classes. Students will be using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power point) for this class.
The student will be able to:
1. demonstrate correct keyboarding techniques using the “touch typing” method with a goal of reaching 25 words per minute, (minimum) with one error per minute allowed by the end of the course (3 and 5 minute timings).
2. demonstrate the use of special keys and numeric keys on the keyboard.
3. apply the correct use of a word processing program to center and format letters, memos, tables, and reports.
4. demonstrate a basic understanding of spreadsheets.
5. keyboard and format a research paper using the MLA style.
6. learn to apply search techniques to find information on the internet.
7. demonstrate the ability to create a presentation in Power Point.

There is a pass-out option for Computer Skills for students that have already MASTERED the above skills. Students need to contact a business teacher to find out what they need to do to successfully pass out of this class. (This is usually done by seniors.)

28 Introduction to Business
Grades 9-12
Elective 1/2 credit

This course will introduce students to running a business. Units include exploring types of businesses in our economy, basic kinds of activities a typical business performs, basic business structures, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Students will develop a business plan for a business they would like to start.

29 Web Page Design
Grades 10-12
Elective 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Skills/Keyboarding or have already passed out of the class.
Students will learn basic HTML and how to use a web page editor. They will design web pages that are visually pleasing for various purposes. Web site evaluation, effective use of color and images, and advanced features of effective web pages will be explored. Web design is one of the most sought after careers today. This class will help you understand what it would be like to pursue it as a career

30 Desktop Publishing
Grades 10-12
Elective 1/2 credit

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Skills/Keyboarding or have already passed out of the class.
Students will learn how to use a desktop publishing program. They will create letterheads, newsletters, brochures, flyers, advertisements, cards, and programs to list a few. Desktop publishing is a valuable skill that can be useful in your personal life as well as in a business setting.

32 Personal Finances
Grades 10-12
Elective 1/2 credit

Students will learn about their personal financial responsibilities. They will discover new ways to maximize their earning potential, develop strategies for managing resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit, and gain insight into the different ways of investing money. Units include money management, financial security (savings and investing), credit management, renting and buying a home, buying and owning a vehicle, risk management, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

33 Recordkeeping
Grades 11-12
Elective 1/2 credit
(This class cannot be taken if you already have Accounting)

This course is designed to equip students with basic vocational skills that are common to office jobs involving record keeping.
The student will:
1. demonstrate an understanding of how small business records are kept.
2. demonstrate and understanding of checks, checkbooks, and bank statements.
3. demonstrate acceptable work standards and attitudes.

34 Accounting I
Grades 11-12 1 credit
Elective Articulation Agreement

This course teaches the basics of financial system management. It explores proprietorships and partnerships. This course is strongly suggested for students considering business in their future.
Students will:
1. know basic accounting principles;
2. prepare accounts, ledgers, journals, financial statements and payroll data;
3. complete business simulations.

35 Accounting II
Grade 12 1 credit
Elective Articulation Agreement

Prerequisite: Accounting I
This course will explore corporations, automated accounting, and financial analysis and reporting. This course is strongly suggested for students considering business in their future.
Students will:
1. process data for a corporate business cycle.
2. use accounting software to process transactions and print reports.
3. conduct financial analysis and create a report based on information obtained.

40 IHigh
Grades 10-12 1/2 to 1 credit

IHigh is an Internet based service that allows schools to carry either live or tape delayed events that go on in their district. Events can/could include sporting events, school concerts, special school activities (Graduation, Homecoming, Snow Week, Veteran’s Day Program, etc.)

The students enrolled in the course would be responsible for setting up schedules of the events that would be carried on the schools IHigh account, making promotions for these events, and producing commercials and interviews to be played during these events as well as broadcasting the events themselves.

The class will require the students to learn many different aspects of business marketing, promotions, scheduling, and team work as well as computer editing and production of videos.

The course will run for a full year and the events will be broadcasted continually throughout the school year and stored in the IHigh archive account. Students will have class weekly but most work will be done outside of class time in a blended learning format.

There will also be weekly Writer’s Blogs that the students will put together that will feature special students, athletes, and fine art performers that will be posed on the IHigh web account as well.

36 Advanced Computer Applications II (Online/IDS)
Grades 11-12 1/2 credit
Elective Articulation Agreement

Prerequisite: Computer/Keyboarding Skills
Students will learn advanced features of Word and PowerPoint. They learn all the functions of the programs to make them expert users. Functions of Word are character format, paragraph formats, alignments, block text functions, using multiple windows, file management, pagination, headers and footers, page numbering, labels and envelopes, macros, wizards, tables, and charts. PowerPoint functions are planning and creating a presentation, animation, sound, and transitions, charts, linking, master slides, use of graphics, charts, tabulations, templates, speaker notes, and using pack & go.
Two articulation certificates are available at the completion of the class for those who qualify: PowerPoint and Advanced Word Processing.

37 Computer Applications III (Online/IDS)
Grades 11-12 1/2 credit
Elective Articulation Agreement

Students will be able to use Excel to better organize and manage information. Students will understand the basics of MS Excel, create worksheets, formulas and functions, charts, macros, hyperlinks, and web pages with Excel. Students will also be able to identify and use cell ranges, AutoSum, AutoCalculate, sort, and absolute and relative references. Excel – eligible for Articulate Certificate.

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