Scholarship Information


Before you leave this morning, sign your name on the sheet of paper (if you did not do this at the beginning of the year), back cover of graduation booklet, and cross off your name on class list. Use the black flair provided.

Senior pictures are due to Ms. Ludwig on or before March 31.

Have you ordered a yearbook? Yearbook forms available in the office.

I’ll post in the Daily Bulletin when Jostens will be here delivering your cap/gown/invitation orders. They usually come during Sr. High lunch and set up in the commons in March.

*Newspaper forms are due April 22. Do both papers! PLEASE EMAIL THEM.

*Seniors graduating with distinction – reminder if you wish to speak at your graduation program your letter to FLT is due March 2.

Neatness, spelling, ect. matters, not just on these applications, but all that you do.

*Important dates – if you receive an invite that states you are receiving a scholarship the week of May 4, please make every effort to be in attendance on May 15.

*Deadlines mean the date listed. You cannot be late. Example – if the deadline for the green application is due April 17th and you are out sick April 17th I cannot accept it on the 18th. Don’t wait until the last date.

Please read about the scholarships, their requirements, do they require an essay, a transcript, where do you return the scholarship application, do you give it to me, do you need to mail it. READ the paragraph about the scholarship.

*Scholarships listed on the green application, you fill it out once (please write dark). Now look at the cover of your envelope. These same scholarships are listed here. You will now decide which of these scholarships you qualify for and want to apply for. Check those scholarships off on the envelope. I will copy your green scholarship and forward it to the appropriate groups. Be sure to read about all of them, do not check off all of them as you will not qualify for everyone.

*The “Other” scholarships have their own application. They DO NOT use the green application. You must again read about each of them and if you qualify for it, follow their instructions and deadline. These applications are either in the office by Bonnie or online, as stated in their description.

Dietrich Scholarships – One senior will automatically receive a $25,000 scholarship. Mr. Thorstad and Mrs. Al-Sattam will submit senior names, GPA’s and ACT scores to Scholarship America and they choose the recipient.

All seniors should fill out this online application, as again Scholarship America will choose another senior student to receive another $25,000 scholarship based on this application.

Those LS-H students who do not receive one of these $25,000 scholarships, your application goes into a statewide public school pool. From here another group of seniors from throughout the state (in past it has been 8) will receive $20,000 scholarships. LS-H has done very well here in the past. Past winners include from the class of:

2008 Jared Retka

2011 Abby Mediger, Jamie Schlarbaum, and Erin Kelso

2013 Nicole Chilman

2015 Sarah Bruihler

2018 Kim Scheffler and Jessicaz Schwartz

Dollars for Scholars are separate and they have their own application and guidelines.

Don’t forget to sign your name now on the program back cover or stop in the office and do it.